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Alexander Hemedinger

Alex has been utilizing his skill set within all aspects of digital marketing for over 10 years. He enjoys Paid Search with an overall passion for driving quality leads and sales. Over the past eight years Alex has worked with companies such as KFC, Dennys, and other top-level companies, managing monthly marketing budgets in excess of one hundred thousand dollars a month spend. Alex has also ran a successful lead generation company, Pub Club Leads, where he has honed his skills as a successful paid search affiliate. Alex is a Florida native whom currently resides in Fullerton, California with his wife and two children. He enjoys drag racing, table top gaming, and above all, family life.

5 Ways to Save $531 Every Month

Your budget is bulging at the seams. You know there’s got to be a better way to budget, leave some room for an indulgence or two and save money. There is a way. Take the reins of your financial situation, treat yourself and potentially pocket $500 a month in savings. …

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10 Easy Ways to Keep More Money in Your Pocket

Credit Repair Tips

When you’re already living paycheck to paycheck, it can seem impossible to save money. The usual sites offering financial advice aren’t too useful either with their suggestions for better stock investments and squirreling away hundreds of bucks a month. Well, we’re here to help with a few of our favorite …

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10 Quick Ways to Save Money Each Month

Getting into debt seems like it is something that is easy to do. When you try to get out of debt, that is when the real work starts. Here are 10 ideas to help you reduce your expenses when it is time to take control of your finances. 1. Consolidate …

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3 Beneficial Times To Refinance Your Home Mortgage

The decision to refinance can end up costing you thousands in closing costs and other fees. If you time the rate and term refinance process right, however, you can actually end up improving your financial situation, despite these costs. When you refinance your home loan, your lender generates a brand …

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