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Trump’s Tariffs Aren’t Bad News for Everyone

Not everyone likes the idea of a tariff. If you’re a consumer of products, you might think of the tariff as a tax on you. If products (or the ingredients used to make a product, like steel) become more expensive, it often results in the loss of jobs and higher …

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Amazon Launches ‘Prime Wardrobe’

Amazon is always looking for new ways to outsmart the big box stores and provide a service that’s more convenient for consumers. Introducing Prime Wardrobe, the latest venture by mega e-commerce site Amazon, that will let you try on clothes before you purchase them all from the comfort of your …

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5 Habits of the Wealthy that Will Change Your Life

The world is full of people whose biggest dream is to become successful.  They want financial wealth and the freedom to do as they wish.  And while most people want this, it’s nothing more than a dream to them.  The actual realization of such a dream exists only in movies, …

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CVS to Offer Prescription Delivery

When it comes to the battle to be the best pharmacy on the block, CVS is making all the right moves. First, they added benefits to their membership, then they put walk-in clinics in their stores. Their goal now is to be the first company to offer nationwide delivery in …

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Soybean Farmers in Iowa Set to Lose Millions

It almost seems like we write a new article every day about the impending global trade war, as new developments are happening regularly. We cover this extensively as it’s our goal to help all Americans achieve their dream of living their life financially free. This trade war will impact all …

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Trump Severely Escalates Trade War with China

Another chapter of this story has been written, as President Donald Trump announced on Friday that the U.S. will indeed impose more tariffs on China. Specifically, a 25% tariff on a variety of Chinese exports number over 1,100 products totaling around $50 billion. China immediately said they would retaliate with …

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