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The Real Cost of Pet Ownership

Puppy With Money

It’s spring! When spring hits, it tends to bring about a renewed interest in pet ownership. New kittens and puppies are being born, and who doesn’t like baby animals? Raising a pet can be a great experience, but not everything about it is snuggles and warm fuzzies. There’s a lot …

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5 Ways to Eat Healthy on a Tight Budget


If you’ve spent any time in college, then you know how to eat on a budget. Most of us can think back to Ramen-fueled study sessions and cold leftover pizza breakfasts. Even if you’ve never been to college, living on a tight budget makes it more difficult to get the …

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Overcoming Cost of Living Challenges


Saving money is hard. It’s a reality most Americans have to contend with. In a perfect world, we’d all love to have a nice nest egg in case we need it. The problem is, the cost of living is way too high! It’s so high, that more than half of …

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5 Ways to Improve Your Home Heating Costs this Winter

Thermostat Savings

As winter’s icy grip has taken hold of most of the country, you’ve probably already been smacked with your first heating bill of the year. The average American spends up to as much as 22% of their monthly budget on utilities, sometimes more if the weather doesn’t cooperate. And if …

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5 Ways to Save $531 Every Month

Your budget is bulging at the seams. You know there’s got to be a better way to budget, leave some room for an indulgence or two and save money. There is a way. Take the reins of your financial situation, treat yourself and potentially pocket $500 a month in savings. …

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10 Easy Ways to Keep More Money in Your Pocket

Credit Repair Tips

When you’re already living paycheck to paycheck, it can seem impossible to save money. The usual sites offering financial advice aren’t too useful either with their suggestions for better stock investments and squirreling away hundreds of bucks a month. Well, we’re here to help with a few of our favorite …

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