Shouldn’t Graduating from College be a Monumentous Occasion?

Graduating from college should be a monumentous occasion; a launch into advanced careers and higher salaries. Today, more than 25% of students who graduate, do so with far too much debt, affecting their post-graduate career, often saddling them with inordinate amounts of pressure and anxiety instead of focusing on their lives.

However, this is manageable, and the key is to act as soon as you can to stop interest from accumulating, and to mitigate the effects the debt has in your everyday life. This “cycle of debt” can be beaten- you may qualify for a loan forgiveness program!

In short, after a set amount of time and if you meet a few requirements, the United States governement has legislation in place to help absolve the debt accumulated by the graduates of America’s esteemed universities.

There are two requirements before applying for student debt relief;

  1. Have a debt of at least $10,000.00 in student debt.
  2. You must have finished school or are not attending school at the time of the call.

With those qualifications met, you can call us at 1-855-534-4290 to get additional information, get questions answered or find out if you qualify. An expert will be more than happy to address your needs and discuss your situation in less than 60 seconds.

There is no time like the present, so call now and get the debt out of your life as soon as possible!


Last modified: January 4, 2018

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